Le Griz was a Bear!

by admin on October 9, 2010

Mav and T3 are in Montana at the Le Griz 50 Miler. They don’t have a computer and can’t post pictures right now, but a short race brief is being posted via iPad.

Thursday Day 1: Flight to Kalispell. Picked up rental suburban and drove to cabins to check in. Did a little sight seeing and ate out.

Friday Day 2: More sight seeing, bought groceries, began prep for race. At 2:00 pm they find out that Bret’s brother who was driving in from Billings to crew was not coming. Huge bummer. Started figuring out how to race unaided. Found shuttle to start and found out neighbors next door were running too. They offered to carry some stuff for the boys “just in case” and the plan was set. Early to bed and early to rise makes Jack a successful racer.

Saturday Day 3: Up at 4:00 am to get ready and drive to finish to catch shuttle. Found new friends at start and they are off. Long story short (and full report plus pics to follow) their new friends saved their lives. Mav’s plantar fasciatis started acting up before 20 miles and the rest of the day was a grind. Without the help of their surrogate crew the boys would have been in deep trouble.

All in all it was a tough day but both T3 and Mav turned in sub 10 hour times in spite of the major problems. Steak, mushrooms, onions, grilled veggies and beverages made the day’s events melt away.

Tomorrow Day 4: Sleep in, big breakfast, goof off, catch a 5-o-clock flight and the boys will be home by midnight.

Much more to follow once they are home.

One thought on “Le Griz was a Bear!

  1. wife of big says:

    Congrats guys! Can’t wait to see the pics. Talked to a bunch of people this weekend that are coming to Mother Road. Lots of excitement about the race.


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